Best plumping lip gloss in the world – the day mummy found “the one”

Dear Pup,
Mummy loves lip gloss, and shoes and dresses and coffee, but mostly lipgloss. I have been looking for a plumping lipgloss that works for years. It’s frustrating when you spend loads of dollars (and now rands) on products that don’t work.

Daddy dearest often jokes about my ongoing quest for the ideal contouring plumping lipgloss that actually works. The quest has ended!

I’m loving this plumping lipgloss and it’s awesome shaded. It works because it stimulates the collagen production to naturally enhance the Cupid’s bow. Results prove that if you use it twice a day for 28 days you could have naturally more luscious lips💋💋. And the best part, no animal testing! 

So for more information, visit the Manic Mummy group on Facebook and send me a message. I will send you more information! Click here now!

Sssshhh….it’s our little secret!




Movie Review: Norm of the North (Ster Kinekor)


Rachy’s 4th birthday (which was on the 24th of Jan) celebrations began on the 23rd of January (1 day after the release date of this movie) with a viewing of the new movie Norm of the North.

Splash entertainment definitely made waves with this movie which focuses on a very unique and feisty polar bear who is not only dealing with fitting in, but also with a unique gift – he can talk to humans.

His adventures take us all the way to New York to save the Artic and the story is really held together by 3 very adorable, indestructible little side kicks who literally had me giggling throughout!


Great for kids, entertaining for adults with a feel good element that focuses on family, embracing your uniqueness and doing the right thing.

Lots of adult humour unnoticed to the little ones adds some spark for the parents!

Rachy loved the movie and only really got restless the last 40 minutes or so
which is quite a record. Even then she had her eyes glued to the screen while she climbed all over me!

Great service as always from the Ster Kinekor staff at Cresta Shopping Centre! Take their new special which includes popcorn, candy, a free kids cup and a milkshake (she had the strawberry) instead of the syrupy drink for under R60!

Rachy was dressed to impress, pretty in pink – a princess in every way!!! She nibbled her way through all the popcorn and half the milkshake! Yum!!!


Take your kids to this one. They might even learn a thing or two about the landscape and animals that make up the polar bear’s natural habitat.

Remember to book the love seat!!!

Happy watching!


Curvy Mummy Found Shopping Heaven!


Fashion when you are not a “typical size” is tough! Having voluptuous curves have resulted in lots of tears in fitting rooms while trying to squeeze into a number that I want to be, but clearly am not! After becoming a mum, I became even more careful about what I bought, and how I feel in the item. I never want my princess to hear me say negative things about my body because I do not want her to mirror my imperfections.

My happy place is when I remember walking down the streets of New York and Puerto Rico with bags filled to the brim and a huge smile on my face because I had found amazing fashion in my size!!! Since I have been back in South Africa I have struggled a bit. I even started a Facebook Page called Curvy Chicks Closet – Pre loved, Plus sized in order to help other curvy sisters find stylish wear at reasonable prices.

Hence my quest to find a reasonably priced, quality driven, attention to detail maestro. Little did I know that a gem lay a stones throw away from me!


I stumbled upon AFRIBLOSSOM while picking up some dinner from 27 Boxes in Melville (we’ll have more reviews on this place to come!). Bonolo Mataboge, CEO and Head Designer of AFRIBLOSSOM seems to have hit a home run!

Talk about bring treated like a queen! I unfortunately cannot remember the name of the amazing young lady who assisted me but there is something refreshing about a place where a size 20 or 22 does not raise eyebrows, and where there is genuine open advice about body types and from woman who epitomise style at any size.


AFRIBLOSSOM caters for sizes up to 50 (from what I saw on the shelves). They are a boutique style store and each item is tailored and determined to making any body look great, and any woman feel great. I raided their bargain “bin” which was more like a well packed piece of heavan, and found an amazing top/jacket which I could not take my eyes off! I bought for a steal at R300 (remember this is not your typical retail item, its in essence designer!). Not only does this item hold all the right places, it also has a gorgeous layering at the back which adds a playful touch and softens the look.


My advice, please pop in if you are curvy and in need of style at a great price!

I’ll definitely be back!