Upcycling to keep a princess busy: Making a Bird Feeder from a plastic bottle


Happy New Year!

Summer is a time for outdoor fun and Rachy’s favourite activities always incorporate bird watching. Thankfully she’s finally reached the age where she no longer terrorises them by stalking and then shrieking in their direction, but she is always looking for ways to draw them nearer! So was born the idea of a bird feeder. Now, making Santa look good was expensive enough, so spending money on this was out of the question. Then I saw the water bottle:

What you will need:

Any plastic bottle (water, soda, etc)
Black marker
And string (preferably not wool)


Areas to be developed:
Hand-eye coordination
Colour knowledge
Following sequence of instructions


Cut the bottle making sure that the top half fits over the bottle half. Just cut out the middle section


Cut a hole through both parts large enough for a bird to pop his head into. You are creating the door

This is where the kid fun really begins!!!Paint paint paint. Rachy had great fun mixing and dotting and streaking. I loved watching her tongue stick out as she sat in deep concentration! Allow to dry. This took about 20min with the current heat.




Taste the sunflower seeds (ok, so we just love sunflower seeds) and fill into open “door” for birdies snacks!


Daddy Dearest created a loop with the string, and we placed this under the lid and screwed on.

Hang up on something high (we used Rachy’s swing) and pose!!!


Now begins the wait! I am trying to convince her that hiding right behind the feeder will not fool the birds at all!!

A great little activity and a cute addition to the garden!!

Hope you and the kids enjoy!!!