Banting Victories: Banting Roti Recipe 

As a carb intolerant, busy mum and full time career woman, I am always looking for quick and easy ways to make my “roti” and eat it too!
This recipe took about 3 weeks to perfect by it is really quick, easy and delicious! Completely waistline friendly and greenlist so enjoy!

Place under the grill in an oven for a few minutes to re heat or if you want a firmer feel!

Happy women’s day!!!

Manic Mummy!


Best plumping lip gloss in the world – the day mummy found “the one”

Dear Pup,
Mummy loves lip gloss, and shoes and dresses and coffee, but mostly lipgloss. I have been looking for a plumping lipgloss that works for years. It’s frustrating when you spend loads of dollars (and now rands) on products that don’t work.

Daddy dearest often jokes about my ongoing quest for the ideal contouring plumping lipgloss that actually works. The quest has ended!

I’m loving this plumping lipgloss and it’s awesome shaded. It works because it stimulates the collagen production to naturally enhance the Cupid’s bow. Results prove that if you use it twice a day for 28 days you could have naturally more luscious lips💋💋. And the best part, no animal testing! 

So for more information, visit the Manic Mummy group on Facebook and send me a message. I will send you more information! Click here now!

Sssshhh….it’s our little secret!




What’s in the Dischem baby bag? – Dischem Baby Programme

Dear Rachy,

There are some some amazing loyalty programmes out there and you know mummy is a member of them all!

Some (that shall remain unnamed) have not sent me a proper card in 5 years leaving me with a paper version that barley holds together (despite lots of calls). Others, like Dischem offer great deals a dischem and rewards especially the Dischem Baby Programme.

So, I visited the customer service desk and activated my Dischem Baby benefit on my existing card. This took all of 10min and all you need is your estimated date of delivery. I was soooo late with this (only activated it at 32 weeks) so would advise mums to do it sooner. Basically you need to send a total of R350 to be eligible to receive the bag. 

Now Dischem is like Walmart (10 years in the US and mummy’s favourite “everything” shop). You go in there for lip gloss and come out with 10 bags!

That amount was spent in about 20 minutes and although you do not have to spend it on baby related items,  I chose to get Baby Bumps supplies for at least the next 2 months. While you are there check out their  Baby Things Baby Product Range and again, if you do not leave this to the last minute, small spends will have you reach the milestone in no time!

Then in no time at all you receive a call letting you know that your bag is ready and at which store. It took them all of 5 days to process mine which was lovely, but I had to drive to my work location instead of my preferred store close to home (not so lovely).

So, what’s inside? Let’s take a look!

Firstly, I love the bag itself. It’s gorgeous, waterproof, just the right size and has all the basic sections you need.

It also comes secured so that you know nothing has been removed. 

Very cute diaper changing mar

Pampers sample pack

And lots of other diaper bag sized goodies

There is a definite reference to their Baby Things brand and they seem to have read my mind ands I did forget to buy cotton balls and surgical spirits for Baby Bumps entry into the world in 10 days.

All in all, I love love loved it! 


Discovery Vitality Baby Box 2016 – What’s Inside!!!

This mummy to be felt very spoilt when I opened this amazing treasure chest of delights. What’s even better is that it is free (if you are a Discovery Vitality member). All you need to do.is register on their website and take the email they send you to the nearest Toys R Us. Service upon pick up at Toys R Us Cresta was amazing with everyone making a big deal of Baby Bump (and by default, myself)!

Here’s a peek of what you can expect! 

Glorious selection of baby books!!! Love, love, love!!!!

Diaper bag ready samples (from Johnsons Baby and Bennetts) are always a welcome treat and the Nuk pacifier is a nice touch but Baby Bump (like Rachy aka Pup) will not use one.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature breast pads and Carriwell maternity pads and panties are sure to come in handy.

My absolute faves is the cute receiving blanket and even cuter soother blanky!!!

Adorable Disney baby rattle socks and a Discovery window shield competes the box. Can’t wait to try out both! Disney baby also has an amazing website for support and great to know tips during and after pregnancy. 

Thanks to Discovery Vitality, Discovery Health and all the sponsors! What an awesome gift! 



Junk to Joy: DIY Cutie Critters 

It’s  amazing how much joy can come from household “junk”.

We used:
Empty egg cartons

Pipe cleaners







Add a gorgeous  4 year old to the mix and you have hours of fun!


Colour paper and cut into strips or wrap wool around the carton rounds. Secure with glue or a stapler and decorate using crayons. Stick pipe cleaners in as legs and you are done!

Rachy spent the next 2 hours introducing her new critter to nature! Pure joy!




Movie Review: Norm of the North (Ster Kinekor)


Rachy’s 4th birthday (which was on the 24th of Jan) celebrations began on the 23rd of January (1 day after the release date of this movie) with a viewing of the new movie Norm of the North.

Splash entertainment definitely made waves with this movie which focuses on a very unique and feisty polar bear who is not only dealing with fitting in, but also with a unique gift – he can talk to humans.

His adventures take us all the way to New York to save the Artic and the story is really held together by 3 very adorable, indestructible little side kicks who literally had me giggling throughout!


Great for kids, entertaining for adults with a feel good element that focuses on family, embracing your uniqueness and doing the right thing.

Lots of adult humour unnoticed to the little ones adds some spark for the parents!

Rachy loved the movie and only really got restless the last 40 minutes or so
which is quite a record. Even then she had her eyes glued to the screen while she climbed all over me!

Great service as always from the Ster Kinekor staff at Cresta Shopping Centre! Take their new special which includes popcorn, candy, a free kids cup and a milkshake (she had the strawberry) instead of the syrupy drink for under R60!

Rachy was dressed to impress, pretty in pink – a princess in every way!!! She nibbled her way through all the popcorn and half the milkshake! Yum!!!


Take your kids to this one. They might even learn a thing or two about the landscape and animals that make up the polar bear’s natural habitat.

Remember to book the love seat!!!

Happy watching!


Making castles from boxes: Keeping a princess busy


Rachel loves role play and dress up. Like every little girl she wants to be a princess and loves castles!!! Unfortunately her new Princess Hello Kitty is castle-less right now as the other dolls have taken over the other 3 castles we have so we decided to make a castle.


Developmental areas:
Cutting to pattern
Assembling according to sequence
Listening whilst following instructions
Patience (we literall had to watch paint dry)

What you will need:
3 Boxes of different sizes (use those left over from Christmas gifts)
Empty Toilet roll or empty gift wrap rolls (cut into towers)
Left over gift wrap or Christmas cracker paper
Lots of tape
Creativity to draw in details or a Hunky Hubby


Glue and tape boxes together. I kept the one side open to allow the castle doors to.swing open for Hello Kitty to play in.


Paint paint paint. You can also cover with left over gift wrap. We used left over paper from the Christmas crackers to cover the tall tower. Covering would be quicker. We had to wait a full day for the paint to dry!


Cover the sized rolls with left over wrapping or paint and assemble on the box framework. You will need 9 of these.


Cut the top of the rolls to create the tower look. Hunky Hubby folded in every alternate cut for an awesome look!


Stick onto the frame. We used super glue 🙂

Add details by drawing the windows and doors and make a flag with a toothpick and paper.

Hello Kitty moved in straight away!!!!


We also love that the “doors” open so that Hello Kitty can invite the Polly Pockets and Barbies over!!!


Rachy has been playing for about 2 hours with the new creation! I even managed to enjoy a full mug of steaming coffee and Hunky Hubby took a well deserved nap!!!

Enjoy some family time everyone!!