Balancing life once baby #2 comes home – Letter to my daughter

Hi Pup,

So Baby Bump is out and home!!! You are soooo excited but accordingly to Daddy Dearest (and I tend to agree), Mummy has been a bit of a Debbie Downer!

See, we’ve been home from the hospital 4 days now and mummy has tried hard to include you in everything but I have been guilty of a record number of “gentle gentle”, “don’t touch his head”, “don’t scream in his ear”, “no touching there”, “don’t cough on the baby” and similar.

I am so sorry baby girl! Mummy is finding it hard to understand that your idea of gentle and Mummy’s is not the same and it’s really not your fault at all!

I cannot blame the 4 hour wake-ups (they are not as bad as I thought) or the manic pace (it was always manic…lol) so I guess it’s just that fear of baby getting hurt – and I know you would never do that intentionally.

You are amazing with your brother and soon he will be bigger and you can squeeze him tight.

The tears mummy cried today had nothing to do with you not listening, my angel. It had everything to do with Mummy feeling sad that she couldn’t be yours 100% right now.
I promise you tomorrow will be better and mummy has so much love to give to you both. Daddy dearest and I just need to balance things a bit and life will evlove into an awesome version of the new us.

Love you so much baby girl!

Trust mummy when I say, you are still my baby girl, still my little angel an tend still mummy’s Pup. 




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