What’s in the Dischem baby bag? – Dischem Baby Programme

Dear Rachy,

There are some some amazing loyalty programmes out there and you know mummy is a member of them all!

Some (that shall remain unnamed) have not sent me a proper card in 5 years leaving me with a paper version that barley holds together (despite lots of calls). Others, like Dischem offer great deals a dischem and rewards especially the Dischem Baby Programme.

So, I visited the customer service desk and activated my Dischem Baby benefit on my existing card. This took all of 10min and all you need is your estimated date of delivery. I was soooo late with this (only activated it at 32 weeks) so would advise mums to do it sooner. Basically you need to send a total of R350 to be eligible to receive the bag. 

Now Dischem is like Walmart (10 years in the US and mummy’s favourite “everything” shop). You go in there for lip gloss and come out with 10 bags!

That amount was spent in about 20 minutes and although you do not have to spend it on baby related items,  I chose to get Baby Bumps supplies for at least the next 2 months. While you are there check out their  Baby Things Baby Product Range and again, if you do not leave this to the last minute, small spends will have you reach the milestone in no time!

Then in no time at all you receive a call letting you know that your bag is ready and at which store. It took them all of 5 days to process mine which was lovely, but I had to drive to my work location instead of my preferred store close to home (not so lovely).

So, what’s inside? Let’s take a look!

Firstly, I love the bag itself. It’s gorgeous, waterproof, just the right size and has all the basic sections you need.

It also comes secured so that you know nothing has been removed. 

Very cute diaper changing mar

Pampers sample pack

And lots of other diaper bag sized goodies

There is a definite reference to their Baby Things brand and they seem to have read my mind ands I did forget to buy cotton balls and surgical spirits for Baby Bumps entry into the world in 10 days.

All in all, I love love loved it! 


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