Counting down the days as an only child – Bonding moments, UberEats and free pizza!

Dear Rachy,

The countdown has begun and in 14 days Baby Bump will arrive and you will be promoted to Big Sister (but as discussed, remain my baby girl until you are 100).

Today, as Daddy dearest is working the late shift and we are in the middle of the month (not a great “spending time”), we decided to use the new App, UberEats. Step 1 is downloading from the App store or Google play. Anyone can get R100 off (a free meal) by using this code: which actually translates to FREE yumminess!


Nothing like a free mid month meal delivered to us, especially with all the rainy weather. I’m also a little bit emotional thinking about the 4 years that it’s been just Rachy, mummy and Daddy dearest and really want to make these moments memorable.

Now the process is simple. We signed up by downloading the app and entering our address and payment details and immediately had access to all restaurants in our area and surroundings. You can choose multiple locations (so work or gran’s house, etc) and it will offer you participatin restaurants in those areas too.

We chose pizzaNews Emmerantia (they have an amazing menu and great 2 for 1 specials) and settled on 2 small chicken and mushroom pizzas on a thin crust (this is your favourite pizza right now Pup!).

The app allows you to follow the entire process append before we knew it we were being buzzed at the gate to be told our order was ready.

The pizza itself  was delivered luke warm but a quick warm up and it delivered on flavour. They certainly do not hold back on ingredients and the pizza was full and overflowing with deliciousness!!! You ate it up!!!!

So for user friendliness we give UberEats a 4/5, for quality and taste we give pizzaNews a 4/5, pricing was very good but since we got it for free using our code (eats-keshniem1ue) we really liked the price!

My only complaint with UberEats would be that the convenience factor was compromised when (despite me sending a message directly to to the courier) I still had to walk my 38 week pregnant self and a rather hyper you all the way it the gate because the delivery man (Frank) advised he was not allowed to enter the premises. Not ideal with the current rainy weather – and did I mention Baby Bump was coming in 2 weeks!

I’m glad you enjoyed your night angel. Mummy promises you we will still have our special times, even when Baby Bump  comes- just the 2 of us, just us girls. I love you!!!

Now off to bed you go!

Love mummy!  


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