Why I refuse to put make-up on my 4 year old

Recently, at a local mall, I witnessed a mum “refresh” her little girls make-up (using her own “adult” products). Intrigued that perhaps she was doing an impromptu photo shoot, I curiously asked what the ocaasion was and her reply was very interesting. She said that she always used a bit of foundation and mascara on her little one for her to always “look her best” in public and that she also made sure her 4 years old hair was blow dried straight – and even hot ironed in case a photo opportunity arose. 

Now, I have no issue with said mummy raising her little girl that way and I am sure that she has her reasons and the corresponding life lessons thought out but I had to decline her  request to “doll” Rachy up too. I politely declined despite Rachy’s protests for a few reasons.

Firstly (and remember this Rach if you are reading im retrospect), I believe my 4 year old is beautiful just the way she is. Rach, your curls and gorgeous eyes define you and yes, you will learn to enhance  them in time with make up, but not at 4 years old.

I honestly feel that our kids are raised with so many societal enforced expectations and standards that they deserve at least the chance of a childhood. I have never used make-up on Rachel, even for concerts and photo shoots and and will encourage her natural look as much as I can and for as long as I can. 

I even struggle looking at over filtered, photoshopped or airbrushed photos of tiny little ones on Facebook sometimes. What are we projecting (notice the “we” in this as I am a fan of black and white images too)? 

In my opinion, in the world we live in, uniqueness and diversity and acceptance of self should be embedded in our kids as early as possible. 

So Rachy,  I hope you wear those curls proudly, that you flutter those untouched eye lashes and raise those unplucked eyebrows for a few more years. We’ll chat make-up when the times right.

Love you!



10 thoughts on “Why I refuse to put make-up on my 4 year old

  1. Wow I think children should enjoy childhood for as long as possible which isn’t very long in today’s society. When I was a child we didn’t have social media so there was a pressure to look go at all times, I miss them days.


  2. Wow that’s so sad, I really believe children should enjoy childhood for as long as they can, which isn’t very long in today’s society. When I was a child there was no social media so the pressure to always look goog wasn’t there. I miss them days.

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  3. This shocked me so much, I had to re-read that reply three times! I dont even like applying heat to my seven year old’s hair, apart from the odd blow-dry when I have her hair washed and trimmed at the salon every few months… I can’t even bear the thought of make-up on my child, or flat ironing her hair. I’m with you on children being natural as long as they can be.

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  4. Agreed. I threw a fit after the first professional family photos we ever had done, the photographer decided (without consultation) to photoshop my beautiful 3 month old baby to make her lips a ridiculous unnatural bright pink, with fake rosy cheeks and even bluer eyes! Why?! My daughter wore make-up for the first time in October (she is 5y3m old) for a dance concert.
    Well done you!


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