5 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Pregnant Woman!- Preggo Vents

Isn’t it amazing how people suddenly feel they are an expert on your emotions and actions when you become pregnant? Suddenly everyone “knows” that your pregnancy has made you suddenly irrational or confused or emotional.

Here are 5 phrases that people should really steer clear of as per a panel of equally pregnant fairies:

1) “That baby just doesn’t like me” 

Just as pregnant woman are blessed with super smell to prevent poisoning and bringing  harm to their babies, they are also gifted with a certain ability to detect people who are less than ideal in their lives. This is why you always have that one person that “the baby doesn’t like”, who makes your hair stand on end and who always seems to want to cause more issues than necessary. As a fellow preggo pal said to a know-it-all meanie once, “Perhaps pregnancy doesn’t cause me not to like you , what if pregnancy simply highlights unsavoury elements that were always there to begin with? Perhaps pregnancy just makes me more able and perceptive to the arrogant smiles and snotty attitude?”

The jury is still out on this one, but remember that the body behaves a certain way to “protect” baby from perceived dangers. So, perhaps it’s not the hormones this time – maybe it’s them?

2) You seem a little different/upset/sad today, what’s wrong?

Um…well friend, I’m  7 months pregnant, experiencing hot flushes, nauseous and exhausted. So yes, I’m  a bit off my game and some days, everything is wrong! I love the innocence in this question (provided it did not come from above mentioned meanie), but seriously – any tiredness is amplified by 1000, every emotion is magnified by 100 and I’m actually just needing you to genuinely care that I’m going through this as opposed to judging me and expecting me to be “normal”. Gossiping and investigating my every move might unearth my moodiness and irritation but its not exactly “shocking”, is it? I would really appreciate the concern without the actual question. I know, I know – I’m complicated like that. Must be the baby, right?

3) “Maybe you can try just being a little calmer/more reasonable, we know it’s because you’re pregnant. In my pregnancy I was so calm and are you really still throwing up??….etc”

If you want to see a preggo woman really act like a hormone filled preggo woman, please do continue to be a condescending know-it-all only focused on their own pregnancy experiences. Trust me when I say I do want you to share your experiences,  but without you making me feel like I’ve imagined a symptom  or exaggerated an experience just because you did not experience what I’m going through. I’m being as calm as I can and, yes, I’m still throwing up. Trust me – this is actually me controlling the hormones!

4) Fakeness

No one likes fake friends, especially pregnant woman. I’m in a sharing phase, allowing you into my heart and mind more than usual. Remember, my behaviour will revert back to “normal” in a few months but your actions will be forever etched in my mind and those around you. Please be genuinely happy or steer clear, I have enough to deal with – trust me! 

5) “Don’t have that coffee/soda/sushi”

I would never do anything to hurt my baby and it annoys me that you think I would. Please do suggest fun alternatives like chocolate and milkshakes and rest assured that I know what I am doing. I do thank you for caring and will always choose chocolate over coffee…well, mostly!

There’s of course tons more, but these are the gems worth sharing!

Lots of crazy preggo love!



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