Demystifying Easter: A Mummy’s Voyage of Discovery


Easter is one of Rachy’s favourite time of year. It’s number 2 to be precise, right after Christmas that sits at number 1 and before Halloween that dropped one place this year for reasons only a 4 year old can think of!


Easter was one of my favourite too growing up. My childhood memories are filled with the smells of warm hot cross buns dripping with melted butter, and warm mugs of Milo filled to the brim. I remember the sound of the crisp wind in my ears as we ran, hunting for brightly coloured eggs and staring in wonder at the giant bunnies my grandfather somehow managed to find year after year!



However, today a conversation with one of my fave mummy allies made me realise that people have different ways of defining Easter for their kids and that was a bit of an eye opener to me. If I have to be honest, I must admit that I don’t really (fully) understand the “meaning” of Easter. I know they explained to me the traditional definition in church and Sunday school, and we learnt the historical element in school of how the first choc bunnies made their way across the Americas and into the hearts (and tummies) of little boys and girls but it’s never been important. Until now….because I’m a mum now, and suddenly chasing an innocent bunny to find his chocolate treasures doesn’t seem enough.

It got me thinking a little about what I wanted Rachel to take away from this time of year. Do I want her to think of it as a day of chocolate bunnies, eggs and hunts or as a traditional day seeped in religion and historical merit? After much soul searching and a banting-friendly block of Lindt 85%, I have come to decision – I want neither soley – on its own!

See, once I stopped defining Easter by what I thought it should be and rather focused on what we currently do, I realised that she will be showered with amazing experiences and be gifted with fantastic memories.

Our Easter Sunday morning rituals will teach her the value of family, that no matter where you are in the world, if you hold a cup of something warm and think of these amazing South african hot cross buns – you will be home! Our Easter coffee run and chats to the homeless will teach her about giving to others. She loves handing out those eggs to the barely awake people we encounter (all of which call the streets their home). I was overcome with emotion last year when she adjusted the jacket of one of the recipients and told him and he should try and sit up straight so he didn’t burn himself with the coffee. The blessings we receive from them teach her that a moment in time can alter your destiny and that every person deserves a little pampering.


The few Easter egg hunts we partake in teach her that competition is healthy and sometimes one chocolate is more treasured, than 10 would be. Family lunch brings to light how privledged we are to have when others do not.


Having grammy and thatha over shows her that grandparents are the foundation of families, they travel to see her because she is loved and that life really does come full circle!

So, while I skip church this Sunday in favour of a family thanksgiving, I will not allow guilt of what “should” happen define the beauty if what does!

I guess the real definition of Easter lies with what you create. After all we learn what we live!

Hope that bunny is a fast hopper because Rachy is determined to catch a glimpse this year for sure!

Hope you and your families have a hopping good time whereever you might be!


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