Life lessons from the movie Frozen


I have probably watched Frozen a gazillion times. I know all the words, all the songs and yes, I laugh along with Rachy and I gasp when she gasps every single time. I really don’t mind watching the movie because there are some really really good lessons that I think are applicable to kids and adults alike – yes, really!

The first one and perhaps my favourite is taught to us by the lovely Elsa. We learn that we must accept ourselves, irrespective of how anyone else views us and that it is our belief in ourselves that determines our success.


Anna teaches us throughout the movie that family really does come first and that the best things are really worth fighting for. She teaches us that even though our hearts are broken and we might be betrayed, we should not judge all by a few bad seeds. That loving again is what brings us to life!


The adorable Christoff teaches us that sometimes in life we need to let people we love walk their own path and hopefully find their way back to us. He shows us that we should not be judged for falliing in love with who we think we want and that I told you so’s are not always necessary.

Anna and Elsa’s parents teach us that the legacy we leave in our kids live on longer than we do. We learn the importance of instilling in our children a sense of family and belonging, in building bonds strong on love and loyalty so that they are never alone in this world and in making sure that we celebrate their uniqueness so that they live their truths proudly and express themselves fully!


Finally Olaf! That little guy shows us that friendship comes in different sizes and packages and that we need to surround ourselves with people who are willing to melt for us, people willing to keep the fire burning for us and people who carry within them sunshine despite the snowy weather.

So, as I hum along, I watch Rach and point out these little lessons when I catch her eye. She looks at me intently, nods her head with the class and air of an enlightened soul and gives me a little squeeze. I smile to myself daydreaming already of her milestones ahead. Something tells me we will be watching Frozen for a while longer still!

Let it go, let it go!



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