Making castles from boxes: Keeping a princess busy


Rachel loves role play and dress up. Like every little girl she wants to be a princess and loves castles!!! Unfortunately her new Princess Hello Kitty is castle-less right now as the other dolls have taken over the other 3 castles we have so we decided to make a castle.


Developmental areas:
Cutting to pattern
Assembling according to sequence
Listening whilst following instructions
Patience (we literall had to watch paint dry)

What you will need:
3 Boxes of different sizes (use those left over from Christmas gifts)
Empty Toilet roll or empty gift wrap rolls (cut into towers)
Left over gift wrap or Christmas cracker paper
Lots of tape
Creativity to draw in details or a Hunky Hubby


Glue and tape boxes together. I kept the one side open to allow the castle doors to.swing open for Hello Kitty to play in.


Paint paint paint. You can also cover with left over gift wrap. We used left over paper from the Christmas crackers to cover the tall tower. Covering would be quicker. We had to wait a full day for the paint to dry!


Cover the sized rolls with left over wrapping or paint and assemble on the box framework. You will need 9 of these.


Cut the top of the rolls to create the tower look. Hunky Hubby folded in every alternate cut for an awesome look!


Stick onto the frame. We used super glue 🙂

Add details by drawing the windows and doors and make a flag with a toothpick and paper.

Hello Kitty moved in straight away!!!!


We also love that the “doors” open so that Hello Kitty can invite the Polly Pockets and Barbies over!!!


Rachy has been playing for about 2 hours with the new creation! I even managed to enjoy a full mug of steaming coffee and Hunky Hubby took a well deserved nap!!!

Enjoy some family time everyone!!



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