Jozie Summer Fun for Kids: A Very Hungry Caterpillar


This morning my 3 year old uttered the dreaded B-word. I buried my head under my pillow pretending not to hear it but it rang out again, almost echoing through the quiet Linden air, “Mummy, I’m sooooooo BORED!!!”. I looked over at Hunky Hubby who did not seem rattled at all and began to frantically think of ideas that could keep her busy while my guilt conscious mocked me relentlessly. I have been so exhausted lately by all the hustle and bustle of Christmas that even a trip to the park right now seems tiring

After a brunch of Nutella and pancakes (there’s that guilt again), we began our day of arts and crafts that cost close to nothing and kept her entertained for hours. This activity is inspired by her favourite book The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle). Exclusive Books, Cresta Shopping Centre has a variety of different options from the toddler version that is virtually indestructive to the classic version which Rachel has now graduated to. You can also buy it online via the Exclusive Books online store. It really is a classic and was my favourite growing up too!


You will need very few items. took was paper, crayons, glue, tape, scissors, skewers and a black marker to transform our garden into a virtual fairytale.


Areas of development from a learning point of view:
Opportunity to discuss metomorphisis
Hand-eye coordination
Creative thinking and imaginative play

Use coloured paper or do what we did and colour some of your own


Cut out circles, antenna and eyes
Use glue to construct the caterpillar body and add eyes and details


We soon had to create friends for the very lonely caterpillar so we created some flowers and ladybugs too. Add to skewers with tape and stick in the garden or potplant or even in a vase if indoors.





Rachy and her new pals even played hide and seek and of course, the caterpillar won!


Great activity for kids aged 2-5 years! They are out in the amazing Jozie sun, exercising those inquisitive minds and ever moving muscles, and mummy can relax for a day without searching the city for fun spots to visit!

Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Fun on a shoestring!



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