Sweep South Voucher Give-Away – A safe, economical way to domestic service bliss



Sweep South

Dear Rachy,

Mummy just could not pick up another toy, wash another dish or scrub another beautiful drawing off the wall! Sometimes, you just have to call out for help and what mummy has realized is that help around the house means more time to be silly with you!

I embarked on the impossible task of locating someone who would help keep my sanity and the house clean but realized very quickly that many people wanted a daily rate that was way out of my budget. In came an angel with an idea and a coupon!

Sweep South is a very clever idea especially in this day and age. It is great to finally find a company that offers safe and referenced domestic angels to stop by and clean for you, and who have rather delightful personalities to boot! They are also super super economical (approx R152 for 4 hours, which is enough time for a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment to sparkle), which means more resources to make Santa look good!

I opted for the additional services of an oven cleaning and the inside of my windows, and the lovely Thabile worked wonders! I also had some amazing customer service from Karabo who called to explain the process and responded promptly to my trying-not-to-appear-desperate questions.

Dashing Daddy also did a little happy parade as he did not have to step onto any hidden toys and even the Hoover grunted with happiness at being handled with someone who genuinely was happy to use it!

All in all, a great service! Safe and effective and a time saver of note. Convenience and quality is just a click away. If any mummy’s or daddy’s out there need some help, feel free to use my code which will give you R100 discount on your first purchase. You can basically get 4 hours of exceptional service for less than R60!!! You also have the option of requesting the ladies bring along their own cleaning products for only R40.


For the awesome discounts use the below information:

Referral voucher code:

Referral link:

Every mummy and daddy deserves a break this Christmas!!!









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