Budget friendly ideas – Amazing Randburg and surrounding – Culture and shopping


Dear Rachy,

Sunday has always been a day for flea markets and entertainment. One of mummy’s happiest memories involves visiting these “treasure markets” and bootsales with grammy and pops, and buying strange and wonderful items that were filled with memories of past, and memories to come. You have also started to love these little trips and although Daddy Dearest is not a fan of the walking and browsing and walking some more, you.and I usually manage to uncover a local market new to us!

This Sunday a little birdie led us to the Checkers on Barry Hertzog Avenue, Greenside where a flea market was being held in the open parking lot. What we came across was a jumble of awesome, not so awesome and crazy finds that we had to share.


These finds included a shuttle cork set that brought hours of fun to a certain 3 year old (that’s you my sweets), as well as an assortment of Christmas decorations from R5 each!!!


Christmas trees everywhere rejoice!




And the awesome location meant that we could soldier on in heat thanks to an ice lolly! A new generation of bargian hunters is born!!!


I believe they will at the same location for another week (i.e. on 13 December) so here’s hoping that others do check them out too or perhaps get a stall themselves!!!

Here’s to more Super Silly Sunday Shopping my pup!



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