Brontos – For those who love Ribs – Magical Randburg


We live in a beautiful city! Johannesburg is really NOT the ugly sister of Cape Town. Hunky hubby and I fell in love with the promise of new and old colliding and this is the promise I try to give Rachy every chance we get.

The are real gems lurking all around us and as we are based in Linden, we have discovered awesome things to do and amazing places to eat – and we do not have to travel far! We are sharing to preserve these memories for Rachel, whilst spreading the word about fun happenings for others to try!


This weekend was another busy one and filled with some awesome discoveries.


Corner of 1st Avenue and Standard Avenue
011 026 7635


Melting moment must try (Opening Specials):
R129 for 1kg:
RIBS!!!! Delicious, perfectly cooked in a fall-off-the-bone-right-into-my-mouth kinda way!!!

R129 for 2 pizzas


Opening specials:
At R129 for 1 kg of these utterly delcious ribs, there is not excuse for not trying them! Rachy and her friend Issy (Life with a Ladybug) munched away at a delcious thin crust pizza and sipped away at their milkshakes. Guilty mum confession: while the kids were figuring out who was going to play with what, the mums might have drank the milkshakes…and well, the milkshakes probally deserve a blog of their own – they are that good!!! I


The staff was very efficient and friendly and one of them in particular is great at helping little princesses change their Barbie’s clothing!


Definitely a place I will return to for those ribs and milkshakes in particular!!!


Check it out….and let’s support local institutions that deliver on taste, portions and prices!

Rachy had an awesome time and yes, she nibbled on the ribs again for her bedtime snack!





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