Toy Kingdom, Cresta – Happy Frogs and Happy Toddler Fun


So, I do not normally talk to strangers, nor do I follow them around strange corners at the promise of shiny toys – but boy am I lucky I did this time!!


The stranger in question is a big green frog – yes, that’s what I said – a frog and his 2 very enthusiastic helpers who greeted me from the 1st floor of Cresta Mall as I stared curiously at them from above. Honestly, I didn’t even notice the new store name first, I was drawn to their magnetic joy and green frog’s dance moves!

The new kid on the block is Toy Kingdom (right next to Cape Town Fish Market – Level 1) and this toy store is beautiful! Not only that but the in-store staff are all eager to assist and super quick with requests. My loyalty card (a personalised one with my name as opposed to the generic nameless versions) was created in literally minutes


I was Rachy-free since I was Christmas shopping and a 3 year old does not help the process, but when I spotted the “treasure” I wished she had been there! So, the treasure in question is an entire wing (that’s really how big the selection feels) of Shopkins!!

For those of you who have not yet encountered the craze, Shopkins are a range of 148 grocery store-themed characters (think cutesy animated food, fruit, pastry, etc characters) for kids to collect, share, and swap. What I also love is that Shopkins come packaged in a size appropriate shopping basket, which can be used to store and carry around all their Shopkins friends and that way they are not all over the house for Hunky Hubby to step on!


The surprise carts (each filled with 2 collectable Shopkins) are priced under R50, a great stocking stuffer and something else for the kids to obsess about collecting! I have really struggled to find so many in one spot and at really great prices, so thanks Toy Kingdom!


Back home a very very excited Rach insisted on a “great reveal” in the garden. Double Shopkins in each pack meant double the suspense, double the chatter and toddler speculation bordering on conspiracy theory levels of which Shopkin was hiding inside!


With fun names like Peachy Peach (guess what she is?) and Lizzy Lace-Up (a gorgeous lace up Boot) we had lots of fun and Rachy collapsed into giggles and more chattering. The Shopkins are also rated according to their availability and we were lucky enough to have found a Rare (Lizzy Lace Up)!


At the end of the day, there is no pricetag for such amazing joy but at under R100, it added to the delight from my side for sure!


Go and have a browse at Toy Kingdom!!! This gorgeous store for those Christmas gifts. They have an awesome variety of international pleasers so you might find something something new, and honestly just walking around in there is well worth it!




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