Ster Kinekor Theatre presents Snoopy & Charlie Brown- The Peanuts Movie Premiere


At our last mummy/daughter day while watching Blinky Bill my 3 year old Rachel saw Snoopy and Charlie Brown for the first time. She was intrigued by his dot eyes and “scribbly hair” and even more amazed when I explained that I used to read about his adventures when I was little too! Brown eyes quickly turned into soft pools of longing and she asked if she could watch him when the movie was released. I said we’d try and she quickly replied, “Let’s wish it real, mummy”. How can you argue with that?


Imagine my surpirse when Rachy’s ultra cute and generous friend Moo and her mum Casey (Life with a Lady Bug) shared the love, and we had the chance to not only watch Snoopy and Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie, but to do it in style – and at the Premiere!


Ster Kinekor Theatre (The Zone, Rosebank), McDonalds and Bokomo truely spoilt us today and there were lots of thrills and giggles along the way.

Rachel met Snoopy in all his cuddly glory, and Ronald Mcdonald (who she asked if he knew Santa)


Magic hands transformed my angel into a butterfly before my eyes!


Smiling faces presented us with Ster Kinekor’s trademark, delicious popcorn and ice cold drinks and McDonald surprised us with Mcdonalds Happy Meals!


As we sipped and munched, Snoopy and Charlie Brown danced their way into our hearts (also Rachy’s highlight of the movie) and their friendship, obvious imperfections and interesting views had everyone giggling. Snoopy was just amazingly cute and was really brought to life. The movie does a great job of introducing Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang to a new generation whilst bringing them to life for those of us who grew up with Peanuts! The message of Dream Big is one we can all relate to!

I walked away grateful for the opportunity to have shared a piece of my childhood with Rach! She hugged her Chocolate Flavoured Bokomo Cereal (which she had a bowl of for dinner) all the way to the car!


We also stopped at the nearest McDonalds and bought her the Snoopy Happy Meal Toys! Charlie Brown’s sled can be pulled back and magically returns to him, and Snoopy turns as you move his car! (We love collecting these Happy meal Toys!)


The experience today offered more than just an amazing movie though. It brought to life the joy of giving (thank you Ster Kinekor, McDonalds and Bokomo), the gift of sharing (thank you Moo) and the validation that you really can “wish things real”! That will live in Rachy’s mind for always- thank you!


Take your kids, wife, hubby and friends! Watch the movie (which is also available in 3D – click here to book), create memories and share your own with your little ones, and keep “wishing it real” and dream big!



2 thoughts on “Ster Kinekor Theatre presents Snoopy & Charlie Brown- The Peanuts Movie Premiere

  1. My kiddies, hubby and I also had the privilege of been invited. They LOVED every moment of it. My baby girl was over the moon to meet Snoopy and enjoyed all the spoils. Would Love to do it again šŸ˜Š. Would definitely recommend that all families go and see Charlie Brown and Snoopy šŸ˜†


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