Chocoholic Alert! – Beyers Chocolate Pop Up Shop, Cresta Mall


Hunky Hubby and Rachy love chocolate – I mean the really love chocolate. All we stock at home is Swiss Chocolate, and its a luxury we try not to compromise on – our constant treat on payday. Little did I know that Cresta Mall, Randburg houses a gem that every chocolate lover and chocolate connoisseur MUST visit, especially at they are rumoured to only be there until March 2016 – Beyers!

The gorgeous Beyers Chocolate Store is situated on level 1, below Game stores and I could not believe the attention to detail, prices and quality!!! We wandered in and honestly I was expecting sky high prices and preparing myself to buy a sample for little Rachy and exit before the tears.

Instead I was faced with beautifully packaged REAL chocolate at prices that everyone can afford. Rachy immediately selected a chocolate lolly (a delicious round of chocolate on a stick) and at less that R10, she could have taken a few more.

Hunky hubby and I defer in taste when it comes to chocolate. I love the luxurious taste of dark chocolate and their 70% chocolate slabs make you feel like royalty at only R18 a slab! Trust me when I say they do not compromise on taste. Even milk chocolate loving Hunky Hubby nibbled away enthusiasticly at the dark bites of heaven.


I grabbed the expresso Dark as well. Couldn’t resist. At home I scrutinised the packaging, and I really love the way you can o ctuall re-seal the box properly.


None of this kinda sticky stuff – it closes and seals completely retaining the prettiness of the pack and the uniqueness of the chocolate. Definitely  handbag friendly without fear of melting through the paper wrapping in this heat!


Hunky hubby was presented with a super cute mini slab (also under R10) and sampled all of Rachel’s choices as well – much to her dismay!


Proudly made in South African, Beyers is definitely a place you need to visit for those Christmas stocking stuffers but also for your secret, and not so secret indulgences. Visit their corporate offerings for luxurious gifts that are sure to make an impact at the office.

Personally Rachel and I cannot wait to go back and try the caramel popcorn chocolate…hmmmm!!! Beyers, hope you stay around these parts a little longer!



2 thoughts on “Chocoholic Alert! – Beyers Chocolate Pop Up Shop, Cresta Mall

    • Hi Tamryn, I did not see a diabetic range unfortunately but the store at Cresta is only a pop up so I am sure they have more variety at their warehouse in the East Rand. Follow the links and see their range on line


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