How Toys R Us saved Black Friday


I woke up this morning to my gorgeous 3 year old staring at me while she stood at the side of my bed. Her brown eyes were a few centimetres from my face and she looked very concerned. “Wake up mummy, its Wack Fwiday, here’s the list now go get Rachy’s gifts” and off she skipped to her room, in full dress up mode at 6am!


So as you can imagine all Rachy could talk about was the dolls she was going to get (only at Christmas) and how she was going to introduce her chosen dollies to the others. So began the most stressful day in a while – there’s nothing more motivating than trying to not disappoint a brown eyes angel! Black Friday madness!!!

Ok, so I have to work and therefore it was not very early that I ventured out, but still I at least expected some of the items that Rach had carefully torn out of pamphlets to be available.The crowds were frenzied enough – mum’s can be really catty when there is just one teddy left –  but what shocked me most was the constant excuses of “out of stock” from the yawning staff at most stores – most of whom wee too busy hiding their own stash (yes really and no, I’m not mentioning which stores).

My heart sank when I suddenly realised that I had left the most important stop for last….Toys R Us. As I stumbled through the doors I paused expecting mayhem and mum’s in tears or fighting over the last Barbie special. What I actually got was smiling staff who greeted me ( I probally looked quite delicate), answered my questions and quickly escorted me to the 2 items on my list!!! Finally, a store that had stock – and variety!


I carefully picked up guitar wielding Barbie who comes in a variety of options from blond to brown and with other instruments. I especially love Barbie specials because she is timeless and age appropriate until pre teens.


The Lil Princess range is just gorgeous. I opted for Cinderella since Rachel loves the story. The doll is flawless and perfect for chubby pre toddler hands even. I love the soft features and am sure Rachel will spend hours braiding her locks. With her choices safely i hand, I floated to the counter, grateful to not have to face my angel face empty handed.

More smiling staff rang everything up while making small talk about the great day , and finally I was starting to relax again. Yes, Toys R Us, Cresta saved Black Friday and I’m bound to have a very excited 3 year old at Christmas!


Wrapping these lovelies now as we speak. They will have their moment to shine soon!



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