A must for any foodie who loves curry: Curry in a Box


So, having travelled the world as cruiseship employees for 10 years, Hunky Hubby and I consider ourselves real foodies. Having eaten at a fair share of amazing restaurants, we still prefer street food. Very rarely do we eat at our gorgeous hotels during our travels, rather opting to follow the local crowd (and our noses) to tastier locations. Since our return to SA, we also love trying out different restaurants and the cuisine that we are perhaps the most critical of is Indian. Here’s why:

See, Hunky Hubby is not only good looking but he is also a Chef. He has trained under the best of the best, all over the world, and just recently hung up his Chef De Cuisine (Head Chef) hat for a front of house management role. Not only that – but he is also from Goa, India. Double whammy when it comes to having an opinion about Indian restaurants!

Enter Curry in a Box which is located at my new favourite place, 27 Boxes, 75 3rd Avenue, Melville. I stumbled upon Curry in a Box whilst prowling Groupon and decided to drop by with a voucher for 2 chicken bunnys in hand. I didn’t have to ask where it was, I really just followed my nose.


The service was quick and to the point, not too many niceties but pleasant enough and along with our bunny chows, I decided to sample the samoosas too.


Back at home Hunky Hubby tucked into his first bite. The cheese and corn samosas received a warm welcome. They kept crispy all the way home and were filled with goodness.

Next was the chicken bunny. As hubby tucked in there was the usual silence – but unlike most times it was followed by an enthusiastic nod and another big bite. Winner!!!


Curry in a Box is definitely in our top 3 for curries in Johannesburg (with the top spot being reserved for Hunky Hubby himself). The bread was a little on the tough side, but the overflowing curry gravy helped with that tremendously and I will definitely try the mutton next time. Not only that but the bunnies were generously filled with meat – not potatoes – but meat.

I love the fact that there is no claim of “Durban style bunnies” outside the store, that they do what they do and they do it well, that you do not have to wait more than 15min for your food and mostly, that it is finger licking good!

Go check it out and when you do, order 2 portions, its THAT good!



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