Mummy/daughter day is a day Rachy and I really look forward to! This time we decided to watch the new kids movie – Blinky Bill at Cresta Mall, Randburg @Sterkinekor.


Ster Kinekor Cresta has probally the friendliest staff around and their Summer Special of a Kids sized popcorn, delicious slushie and choice of either chocolate filled or nut filled M&Ms left Rachy happily dancing her way to our reserved love seat!


Back to the movie – the theatre was constantly filled with laughter. The kids loved the silliness, and any silence was quickly filled by the roaring laughter of the adults at all the hidden humour.


We loved the storyline of family, friendship and never giving up and Rachy chomped and sipped and giggled her way through the entire viewing. Quite a feat for a ants-in-her -pants 3 year old!

Altogether a great day!! Highly recommended for kids (and bigger kids) of all ages!!

Go and see it!

Mummy of a cub


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