My angels in heaven….everyone deserves to have a story

My beautiful Rachel,

So you asked for a little brother or sister recently. You came prepared with all the reasons why and even offered to share your toys with them. I wasn’t sure if I should cry or nod politely so I smiled and offered you an Oreo instead.

See baby, the truth is you have 2 siblings but they live in heaven. The first one chose to stay in the fluffy clouds 8 months after you were born. Mummy thinks that he just didn’t feel like leaving then. The second only just recently got his wings. When you are older and maybe a mummy yourself (I know that seems a loooong way away), it will be easier to understand. So understand – when mummy and daddy squeeze you just that little bit closer, when you wake up and I’m cuddled in bed next to you with tears coming down my face and when we won’t let you go without saying I love you, it’s because we know that your soul fought to be here!

So, pup, mummy doesn’t know if you will have a brother or a sister in the near future but I do know that you have 2 very special angels guiding you.

Parenthood is not easy pup, but it’s worth every minute.

Mummy loves you!


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