Mummy and daddy were pirates – kind of!

Dear Rachel,

Today mummy and daddy celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary. I have known daddy for 11 years and we met in a rather unique way. See, we might not look it, but mummy and daddy were shippies!! Yes, we sailed the world, worked really hard and played harder. We ate at tables with every continent represented, and lived on ships holding 3000 people or more. We shared amazing memories, drank way more tequila and jager bombs that I want to remember, and we fell in love.

Daddy has not really changed much. He still has that naughty glint in his eye, he still hugs with meaning and he still gives mummy butterflies when he walks into the room. He also still leaves his socks lying around and forgets to take the shopping list with to the store, but that makes daddy – daddy.

I hope one day you too find someone to love….someone who stands the test of time and who remains steady in his love and admiration. I hope he holds your hand gently and leads you towards the authentic you, that he focuses on retaining your essence and not changing you, and most of all that in him you see a bit of daddy.

Who knew, shippies fall in love too!!!!

Love you angel,



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