Letter to my daughter: Bullies, meanies and how to still remain kind

Dear Pup,

So, people are unpredictable! You can ever only try to manage processes – never people. When you become the leader I know you are destined to be, remember that! Trust me pup, mummy has had to deal with some micro-managers in her time, people who refuse to give others the freedom to grow and who never really listen to what others are saying. The trick to being a leader is to lead rather than manage. Always evaluate your ability to lead based on how many people actively seek your input in their decisions without you forcing that idea.

Be kind my angel, even when people tell you its a weakness. Mummy has been sometimes too kind and people can easily confuse kindness with weakness or niceness with weakness. Be kind anyways. Understand that this is their issue, not yours and that their hunger to control everything is a reflection of choices made in their lives, not yours.

Shine bright, even when people try to dim your light. Again it is a choice to live in the shadows or dance in the sunlight. Dance my baby, dance.

Forgive bullies – remember they often are the most insecure people and yes, adults can be bullies too! Remember that people will remember you for your actions, not your position or money. You are measured by what you do when no one is watching and it is in these private moments with people out of the limelight that you can truly make a difference in their lives. It comes down to being the amazingly wonderful woman I know you are destined to be.

Mummy loves you!


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