Letters to my baby: Sometimes people do the strangest things – #no2xenophobia

My sweet Pup,

Three years ago mummy and daddy decided to come back to South Africa so that you would be able to be part of this amazing nation. Your Daddy hasn’t seen his family in 4 years, but he maintains that you carry the essense of this land – and his – so its all worth it.

A few days ago a band of misled individuals started a campaign to do some really awful things to our fellow Africans and other International groups…this soon spread to including race groups within South Africa that are seen as “unAfrican” including us, South African Indians. Mummy and daddy started thinking and our thoughts start and end with you.

Out of this ugly situation comes one solid message I’d like to share my baby. People are like M&Ms…colour does not change the fact that we all really are exactly the same on the inside. Do not get angry because those around you are, do not let fear define and dictate your actions, my pup.

In these moments I pray that in your future people will think before they act, that the youth embraces their past instead of trying to erase it by taking down statues, that those not affected directly by the dark notions of Apartheid tried harder to stop bringing it back in any form and that South Africa lives up to the expectations we all had in 1994 – the same expectations that brought us back here in 2012.

Remember that your legacy stems back to those brought from India to toil this land but your feet have walked the African soil since you were born. You are African my love, you are Indian and foremost, you are the future.


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